Diligent Flame Monitors, Diligent Burner Controllers, Autocon for Oil / Gas Burner Control, SMPS Power Supply, Thane, India  

4. Diligent Flame Monitors

Flameye PR for Oil Flame
Flameye PV for Oil Flame
Flameye IR (Infra Red) for Coal, Oil
   & Gas flames.
Flameye UV (Ultra Violet) for Oil & Gas flame.
Flameye N (Ionisation) for gas flame.
Dual Flameye UI (UV & IR) or UU (UV & UV)
Flameye with Flame-ON or -OFF Delay
Flameye as Import Substitute for most of the    popular types.

Diligent Flame Monitors

5. Diligent Burner Controllers


a) Autocon for Oil Burner control.


Autocon for Light oil or LDO Burner control


Autocon for Furnace Oil Burner control.


Autocon for High Velocity Oil Burner control.

b) Autocon for Gas Burner control.

Autocon for Gas Fired Infra Red Burner control.


Autocon for Mono Block Gas Burner control.


Autocon for High Velocity Gas Burner control.

iv Autocon for Air Aspirated Gas Burner control.
c) Autocon for Duel Fuel Burner control.

Autocon for Oil & Gas Duel Fuel Burner control.


Autocon for Gas Pilot & Oil Main Fuel Burner control.


Autocon for Coal, Oil & Gas Burner control.

d) Autocon for Producer Gas Burner control.
e) Autocon for Flame Treatment Gas Burner control.
Diligent Burner Controllers
   f) Autocon for Import Substitutes for most of the popular brands  

Autocon to substitute for M/s Landis & Gyr make (now Siemens make) controllers such as; LOA 21, LOA24, LGB 21, LGB 22, LMG 25, LAL series, LFL series, LEC1, etc .


Autocon substitute for M/s Honeywell make controllers type R4341B


Autocon to substitute M/s Reillo make controllers such as; R.B.L 525, R.B.L. 535, R.B.L. 568, R.B.L. 508, R.B.L. 509, etc .


Autocon to substitute M/s Satronic make (now Honeywell) controllers such as; TMO 720-4, TMG 720-4, MMI, etc.


Autocon to substitute M/s Petercem make controllers type MA810 & MA150, etc.

Autocon to substitute M/s Kroschrodder make controllers type IFS244
Autocon substitute for Fireye controllers type UVM-2, 26RJ8, etc.
Diligent Burner Controllers
Diligent Burner Controllers
6.   Diligent Ratiocon Air / Fuel Ratio  Regulator
7.   Electric Infra Red Emitters from M/s Twin Infratec, Germany.
8.   Diligent Thyristor- controlled 1-phase & 3-phase
      Power Modules.

9.   Diligent SMPS power supply.
10. Diligent Chargecon controller for Industrial Automatic
      Battery chargers

11. Diligent TransiGuard Transient Protection for 1ph &
      3 ph Circuits

These are specially developed units to answer problem of power line transients & surges arising due to switching of heavy electric loads in the neighborhood. We also provide solutions for higher levels of power transients that arise due to atmospheric discharges, lightening strikes, Heavy power switching in the grid, etc